Harriet van Eldik - ten Hoopen, Ruinerwold |  Mail: info@htenhoopen.nl or harrietvaneldik@me.com 

Harriet van Eldik - ten Hoopen, Ruinerwold |  Mail: info@htenhoopen.nl or harrietvaneldik@me.com Mobiel: 0634316014

I decided to start my education at the Photo Academy in Groningen in 2010. Three years later I launched my own photography studio, focussing on business photography which involves portraits, products, architecture and events.
I really love to capture the atmosphere and want to make quiet but gripping and meaningful pictures, always observing people and situations and try to see something special in the ordinary.
I like to work on location and get inspiration out of unpredicted situations.
Trust, feeling and intuition are important to get the result I want! 
Living in Kuala Lumpur since 2015 has given me the opportunity to do more 'free photography' again and to participate in several charity projects. 
I'm also fortunate to live with so many people from different cultures, to learn from each other and from our host country. It reflects on the way I see and experience things around me! 

Projects and exhibitions: Please ask for possibilities for Shoots or Photo courses!
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